Cipe Power Only SPD

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LKR. 14,950.00

Brand: Cipe

Weighte: 900g

Warranty: 1 year

  • U Protect all electronic items within a single phase of your home or office.
  •  Is compact in size with a sleek and classy design.
  •  Protects up to 6000v.
Brand Name Cipe
Country Of Origin Sri Lanka
Country Of Manufacture Sri Lanka
Type Desktop
Power-Line Input All Live-Neutral, Live-Earth
and Neutral-Earth are 6000V
Rated Operational Voltage 230 V (+/- 10 %) AC 50/60 Hz
Nominal Discharge Current

Common mode: 20 kA L/PE

Common mode: 20 kA N/PE

Deferential mode: 20 kA L/N

Maximum Discharge Current

Common mode: 40 kA L/PE

Common mode: 40 kA N/PE

Differential mode: 40 kA L/N

Voltage protection level

≤ 6 kV type 2 common mode L/PE

≤ 6 kV type 2 common mode N/PE

≤ 6 kV type 2 differential mode L

Response time 25ns
Product Dimensions  90 x 90 x 36 mm
Weight 900g
Indicator -Earth Indicator Light

Ability for extend protection to multiple

devices or whole house / branch protection

Accessories Power Cable/ User Manual
Installation Plug and Play feature
Warranty 1 Year Warranty for manufacturing defects