UPS DCP 1.2KVA Line Interactive

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Brand: DCP

Warranty: 2 Years

DCP 1200P-T

• Using pwm pulse width modulation technology and advanced power mosfet device.

• Operation more stable.

• The advanced automatic constant current charging circuit, extend battery life.

• Is the perfect battery voltage, overload, short circuit protection functic

• The built-in high quality vrla batteries. • Automatic Voltage regulator.

Capacity - 1200VA/720W

Voltage range - 145-290VAC
Frequency - 50HZ (automatic detection)
Breaker - Inbuilt

Voltage range - 195-255Vac
Frequency (DC mode) - 50HZ+/-0.5HZ
Output waveform - PWM
Output socket - Universal socket

Battery type - Rechargeable sealed  lead acid
Battery capacity - 12V- 5.2Ak1 x2Pc
Backup time(with 1set of PC) -  7 to 15 Minutes
Typical charging period - 5 hours reaches 90% of the battery capacity
Charing technology - Microprocessor controlled

Control technology
Type - Microprocessor controlled

Inverter technology
Type - Full-Bridge

Transfer time
Typical - 4 to 8 mins

State indication
AC mode - Green LED is bright
DC mode - Red LED is bright

DC mode - Beeps every 8 seconds
Low battery - Beeps every 1 second (Continuous beep with yellow)
Overloaded - LED flashes every 1 second
Fault - Continuous beep

All protections - Discharge, over charge and overload